Dr. Jerónimo Monterrubio

FAQs (Frequently asked questions)

  • Which surgery is the best for me?
    • The decision is not made in a general way, it is necessary to make an assessment of each case and together we choose the best option.
  • Is it painful?
    • All surgical procedures generate some pain and vary from patient to patient, however, the entire hospital stay is controlled with medication, usually referred to a pain of 0 to 2 on a scale of 10
  • How long does recovery take?
    • Usually the hospital stay is for 2 days and the reincorporation to your regular activities is carried out approximately in 7 days.
  • Will I always be on a diet after surgery? 
    • The word diet for me does not exist, at the beginning it will be necessary a special diet to take care of the surgery during the recovery time, later, you will learn with the multidisciplinary consulting program to make your own nutritional decisions.
  • Do I always have to take multivitamin supplements? 
    • From the outset it is recommended to take supplements during the first year, however, the supplement I recommend has a very good flavor and it will be very easy for you to tolerate.
  • What happens to the skin? 
    • In many cases the skin returns to its original state and no additional surgeries are required, this depends on several factors such as genetics, smoking, nutrition, etc.
  • Is general anesthesia risky?
    • The risk of general anesthesia has decreased significantly in recent years thanks to the advances in medical technology, there are now devices that facilitate the monitoring of patients and the early resolution of some complications.

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